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Rumbley the Tumbley Boxer

A Turkish Dog in An American Household

My new family named me Rumbles. Every time I saw Dad, he said, “Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!” I knew that meant we were going to play rough. I loved it and would get really wild running and jumping.

I grew up to be a strong, handsome guy. I wasn’t very big, for a boxer. But Mom and Dad said I was the perfect size for a house with little kids. I tried to be vigilant about guarding the house. But honestly, I wasn’t very good at it. I just loved everyone too much. The garbage men, the gardeners, the man who delivered water bottles, the cleaning lady. Everybody was just so nice and I wanted to kiss them all.

I was very lucky to get my family. You see, dogs are treated differently in Turkey than they are in some other parts of the world. In Turkey, people think dogs and cats are independent creatures. They might buy a puppy in the Spring, but then let it loose in the Fall when the kids go back to school. They don’t think this is bad. They believe that dogs are animals and should be able to live without a human family. So of course there are many, many stray dogs.

Here’s a photo of me at my house. Some of our neighbors had dogs leashed in their yards. But they were never allowed in the house. I loved being with my family all the time…inside playing with my kids, outside walking with my mom. They are MY pack.






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  1.   tatespeeps on July 11th, 2011          Reply

    Rumbles, how on earth did you get to New Jersey from Turkey? Did you swim?

    •   rumblesmom on July 13th, 2011          Reply

      I flew!

  2.   wyattraydawg on July 11th, 2011          Reply

    Hey Rumbles, you ARE such a lucky dawg. You know, the people of Turkey are going to see how good a life a dog can have and pretty soon all of the Turkey Dogs will be sleeping on the couch and hanging with the fam. You’re a role model!

  3.   chilidawg on July 11th, 2011          Reply

    Rumbles, you are a lucky dawg! My brother is a Boxer, he isn’t so good at guarding the house either, because he loves everyone too. He does a funny dance when he gets excited, I bet you do too.

    •   rumblesmom on July 12th, 2011          Reply

      Chilidawg…I do the dance too! My parents called it the jellybean dance. I might be missing a leg, but I still have my tail and sometimes it smacks me in the face when I’m doing the jellybean!

  4.   chilidawg on July 13th, 2011          Reply

    I like that, the jellybean! My pawrents call it the kidney bean dance, and Finchy’s tail hits him in the face sometimes too when he’s doing it- ha ha!

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