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Rumbley the Tumbley Boxer

Snowy Day

That terrible, cold, wet stuff that sometimes falls from the sky is back. I don’t know where it comes from, or why. But I do know that I don’t like it.  So I ventured outside for short, necessary trips (including a walk with Dad to move branches out of the street). But the rest of the day, I spent snuggled up on my living room cushion, strategically located between the fireplace and a radiator. I looked so cozy that my girl couldn’t resist a little snuggle time.

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  1.   tatespeeps on October 30th, 2011          Reply

    What a sweet picture! I can only wish Tate didn’t like snow. He loves it and loves me to play in it with him. The place between the fireplace and the radiator sounds much better.

  2.   AbbysMom on October 30th, 2011          Reply

    I couldn’t resist snuggling with you either Rumbles! You are too cute!

    Jackie & Abby

  3.   etgayle on October 30th, 2011          Reply

    what a perfect picture!!!! looks like a holiday card – visions of sugarplums….

    charon & gayle

  4.   chilidawg on October 30th, 2011          Reply

    Awww, Rumbles, what a sweet picture. Finchy doesn’t like snow either- it must be a Boxer thing. He prefers to get close to the fireplace and snuggle as well.

  5.   rumblesmom on October 31st, 2011          Reply

    Rumbles is against wetness in any form. He even gets upset if his feet get wet while he’s sloppily drinking from his water dish. Silly dog.

  6.   jerry on November 4th, 2011          Reply

    Awww Rumbles, the white stuff can’t be so bad if you get to snuggle like that! Too cute.

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