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Rumbley the Tumbley Boxer

Dog Days and Slippy Socks: My August Report

August flew by in a flurry of hot days, mom’s business trips and family vacations. I stayed cool with fans, homemade pupsicles and resting on my squishy cushion on the back porch. Some people say these are the dogs days of summer. I don’t get that. Aren’t ALL days of the year dog days?!

In the summertime, I love to hang out on the front steps. I can see the whole neighborhood from here. Mom says that I think I’m the Governor of Herrick Ave…but I think I look a bit more Presidential, don’t you?


Only one new thing in my life to report:  Mom got me some non-slip socks with little rubber pawprints on the bottom. Gosh, how I hate them! She said that I need to practice now, so I can wear them when walking on the snow and ice this winter. Well, no thanks, lady. They are just about the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. They make me walk all crazy. I pick my feet up really high and hope they’ll slip off in the process. I also snort loudly, so that Mom knows that I am NOT HAPPY. The socks don’t fall off, no matter how high I lift my feet, so I lay down and lick and lick and lick and lick them. They still don’t come off, but they sure do get wet. Mom says the wet socks are “gross” so she takes them off. I win!

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  1.   Dakota Dawg on September 2nd, 2011          Reply

    Oh, I am so sorry you have those damn things, too! I have two pair and I hate them. Part of the problem is the bunny rabbits on the Easter pair. How undignified! I imagine you feel the same way.

    I will tell you what to do with your socks. It’s what I did with mine. Do you have a kid with Lego? Take a sock and put it in the Lego.

    I don’t have enough slobber to do your trick. You’re a smart cookie!

    Love, Dakota

    •   rumblesmom on September 2nd, 2011          Reply

      Oh, Dakota, please do not tell my Mom about the Easter socks! She already makes me dress up for Halloween. It’s so humiliating…

  2.   etgayle on September 3rd, 2011          Reply

    we would definitely vote for you if you decided to run for president. sorry about the booties….

    charon & gayle

  3.   fortisdad on September 3rd, 2011          Reply

    OMG, that’s hilarious! You win Rumbles. I wouldn’t wear those silly looking booties either. Of course I must admit my Dad did tend to make me wear stupid looking hats all the time. In any case, I definitely think you look way more Presidential than you do like some old low on the totem pole Governor. I’m glad to see you are still kicking butt 🙂

    Rumblesmom, That’s the best darn header I’ve seen. Way way cool! I love it.

    Brett & Spirit Fortis

    •   rumblesmom on September 6th, 2011          Reply

      Fortisdad…my mom’s friend made my header illustration. She posted a photo of me on our family blog and he surprised her with a cartoon-y drawing of the photo.
      And the best thing about him…he loves dogs! If you’d like to contact him about drawing Fortis…you can reach him through his website at

  4.   maximutt on September 3rd, 2011          Reply

    Rumbles, I know exactly which socks you are talking about! You’re a pretty smart pooch to figure out how to make your Mom take them off you! And I love that you hang out on your front porch making sure all is well in your neighborhood! President Rumbles…I like the sound of that!!!

  5.   wyattraydawg on September 4th, 2011          Reply

    Hah! You are my kinda Dawg. I love showing those humans who’s REALLY boss.

  6.   chilidawg on September 5th, 2011          Reply

    Rumbles, you make me laugh. Finchy wouldn’t like those socks either 🙂 Jenna

  7.   finchy on September 5th, 2011          Reply

    Oh Rumbles, I’m sorry that your mom makes you dress up at Halloween and now makes you wear socks! My pawrents got me a hoodie to wear when it gets cold and I don’t like it either. I think you should run for president though. I’d vote for you!

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