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Rumbley the Tumbley Boxer

Oh, no! It’s the suitcase!

Mom just went up to the attic. I followed her, even though she told me not to walk on the steep steps. I was hoping and hoping that she wasn’t going up there for the suitcase. But sure enough, she grabbed it, looked at me and said, “Sorry Buddy…another stupid business trip.”

Oh, I hate it so much when she’s away. I mean, Dad’s fun, and the kids are nice. But Mom…she’s my girl.

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  1.   etgayle on September 18th, 2011          Reply

    stop your crying, she’ll come back. it’s always the worst thing in the world when mom’s go away, but always the best when they return…try to think of the return and see if you can be a good boy until then…and take a nap!

    charon & gayle

  2.   Dakota Dawg on September 18th, 2011          Reply

    Yeah, Gayle has a good point. Does she bring you something nice when she comes back? If you can make her feel guilty enough, she will!

    Shari and Dakota

  3.   AbbysMom on September 18th, 2011          Reply

    Aww, Rumbles. Look how bummed out you look!

    Hope she is not going away too long.

    Jackie and Abby

  4.   charleysmom on September 18th, 2011          Reply

    If you give her those sad puppy eyes maybe you get get a few extra treats out of guilt. I’m a momma’s boy too, so I understand.
    Hugs and chocolate kisses,
    Ellen & Charley

  5.   finchy on September 18th, 2011          Reply

    Awww, Rumbles. Make her feel guilty so she gives you extra treats. And do what I do when my dad comes back after being gone on a business trip- I get extra gassy 😉

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